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Help Us Build the New Happy Tales!

First 6K in donations being matched 3:1!

$27,205 raised

$150,000 goal

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Every dollar of your donation goes directly to building the sanctuary!

As many of you know, we have purchased a beautiful piece of property in North Carolina and have taken on the huge undertaking of turning it into a dream sanctuary for our animals and our supporters. We've got a long way to go! One of our supporters has offered to match every dollar of the first $6,000 3:1. If we raise $6K this generous benefactor, who has chosen to remain anonymous, will match it up to $18,000 - getting us to $24,000 - over 10% of our goal.

We have given a breakdown of expenses below, some of these costs are exact and some are estimated. Each fund is set up for the expenses associated, the general fund will cover the combined expenses listed at the bottom. We are also doing a lot of the work ourselves to save on costs when we can!


Barns and Hay Storage: $45,000

Dry Lots: Includes Geotextile Fabric, Gravel, and Fencing: $20,000

Automatic Waterers: $6,000

Pasture Fencing: $15,000

Arena Fencing and Round Pen: $10,000

Shipping: $2,750

Health Certificates and Testing for shipping: $1,000


Building for Exotics (24x25 building completely finished with heat and A/C, drain systems for cleaning, refrigerator etc for Coatis, Kinkajous, Small Animals, Reptiles, Porcupine (in winter), etc): $20,000

Foxes: Outdoor Enclosures: $3,000

Fox Enclosure Furnishings: $1,000

Porcupine Outdoor Enclosure: $1,500

Porcupine Enclosure Furnishings: $500

Yeti's Enclosure: $12,000

Yeti Enclosure Furnishings: $1,000

Health Certificates, Vaccination, Transportation: $2,000

Combined Expenses (General Fund):

Well: $12,000

Grading, Clearing, and Seeding of land (to open it up, create pasture, and to create the foundations for the buildings: $25,000.

Connection to and running electricity to barns: $3,000

Back up Generator: $1,000

Gates: $5,000

Tractor (for building and maintaining the land): $25,000